Jarred Walker Photography

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Phone: 0456 166 669
Email: info@jarredwalkerphotography.com

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Jarred Walker Photography & Media specialises in capturing timeless moments and digital marketing.

I’m most in tune with myself just after the sun sets. That breaking moment when the illuminating light holds the sky hostage, before the stars begin to break through, and whisk away the lasting light. It’s here I long to create magic. A gentle reminder for those I get to capture, that the darkness is kissed by the moon, and is ALWAYS complemented by the sun.
I believe in photos that speak from my soul. Moments that words have the inability to capture. Taking the time to truly understand your place in this crazy world. Businesses with a neomodern approach, adding to society and the planet. Understanding the ground and its value, yours too.
I will take the time to connect, talk through your visions and dreams. Making sure you feel understood and heard. It is here, we truly begin to create magic.
If we align, I’d love to work with you.
Thank you for trusting me to take your photo.