The Pines Reserve

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The Pines Reserve, Tarlee Road, Kapunda SA, Australia

“The Pines” also incorporates the former “Taylor’s Run” Reservoir which supplied water to the town by gravitational flow from 1879 to 1957.

The Pines Reserve was part of the Forestry Reserve (1882 – 1925) and the site of much of the town’s early social activity.
The intention of the Forestry Board was to create a section within the reserve and around the reservoir that was picturesque – a setting that locals could enjoy.
After the trees were harvested and lifestyles slowly changed, the area gradually became neglected.

However, thanks to the help of dedicated locals, the reserve now features walking trails where one can enjoy the sight of delicate wildflowers and hear the tranquil hiss of the wind through the many gum trees that populate the area.

It is still a beautiful setting to enjoy a quiet picnic.