Check out what is happening in and around Kapunda

Below are just a few things to help you explore Kapunda’s happenings and attractions.


Light Country offers a brilliant blend of quintessential South Australia to experience.

It takes minutes to get here. Not hours. And all you need to pack is your adventurous spirit. Travel open plains and rolling hills and feel the freedom that only comes with choosing backroads over bitumen. No-one is in your way. And the next ‘big thing’ is waiting for you over the next rise. There is so much for you to discover. Some of the biggest chapters in Australia’s mining and farming history have been written here. Touch and track how life used to be. Taste world-class wines. Take the outdoors in. One breath at a time.

“Our mission, if you like, is firstly to run a profitable successful business and to keep employing young Kapunda people and give them their first job. We have lived here for 22 years and appreciate what Kapunda has done for us.”

Brendan Moten, Owner, Litl Mo's Bakery & Café
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